Brazil: real-world vehicle emissions measurement needed to tackle pollution

Guilherme Goncalves, project director for Brazil and Latin America of IGES, said in an interview to Exame that governments need a real-world Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) system to quantify, manage and reduce transport emissions. On-road vehicle emissions can be very different from laboratory tests, requiring ongoing measurement of real-time vehicle emissions. Real-world MRV enables governments to take effective, efficient and equitable actions to ensure on-road vehicle emission compliance and implement policies to improve air quality, mitigate climate change and protect public health.

IGES is committed to implementing in Brazil the first real-world monitoring of on-road vehicle performance. Measuring equipment installed in strategic routes can measure emissions from each car passing by, detect the type and quantity of pollutant and cross-reference this information with the license plate number, speed and the ambient air quality. The consistent and accurate data allows for establishing real-world emission inventories, identifying high emitting vehicles and taking action to reduce transport emissions.

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