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The IGES team comprises world-leading authorities in the fields of transport, climate change, air pollution, energy efficiency, climate financing and Low Emissions Development. Our team is strategically selected from all over the world, providing some of the most comprehensive range of expertise and knowledge internationally.

Eric Keogh, CEO, Director, Operations and Project Development


As the head of the IGES team, Eric is a talented and highly successful individual. Eric has responsibility for entrepreneurship as well as project development from concept to implementation, and has over 20 years of experience in the financial services and markets. Responsibilities include project concept and design, in conjunction with global strategic partnerships, product development and project implementation. Eric authored the revised UNFCCC CDM methodology: AMS iii BC – “Improvements in Combustion Efficiency”, and also New UNFCCC Methodology NM 100 – “CO2 decomposition and Reforming”. He is a World Bank Institute Alumni Member – WBI – Graduate – CDM / JI-J102- IISD NAMA and Alumni of the Oxford University Transport Studies Unit. Eric is currently a global ISO Standards panel member for Green Bonds and sustainable Finance.

John Haggas (ACMA), CFO, Director, Finance and Commercial


As the IGES Finance Director, John compliments the IGES team with over 25 years of financial management experience. He is responsible for the financial, commercial and administrative sides of the business. John has successfully managed a mixture of businesses ranging from start-ups, second-stage company development and acquisitions. He has driven organic growth to meet stakeholder goals within the SME sector.

Geerard Collijs (MSc Eng.), Director, Technical

Geerard is an Automotive Engineer and has an MSc in International Automotive Engineering. As Technical Director, Geerard oversees the work of the technical team, which includes seven specialists that set themselves apart by their professionalism and unparalleled experience, with which they complement each other as automotive and specialist industrial engineers. We welcome Geerard’s experience and technical skills to the IGES team.

Dr. Elah Matt, International Transport Policy Specialist 


Elah has extensive expertise in the fields of sustainable transport, environmental policy, climate change, low emissions development and innovation. She has collaborated with governments, NGOs and academia internationally to promote sustainable policy development and implementation. Elah works on all aspects of transport policy, international emission reduction projects, air quality improvement and climate change mitigation schemes, climate financing and low-carbon sustainable development initiatives.

Prakash Salunke, CEO IGES India


Prakash specialises in climate change and air pollution projects in India. He has 20 years of industrial exposure in various green field projects, ranging from mass production to small project companies. This has given him an all-round experience in running organisations, where latest technology, team work and communication are a must. With mentoring from industry leaders, working closely with government agencies and extensive networking across different domains, Prakash has all the tools for successfully running an innovative technology-based organisation.

Guilherme Gonçalves, Head of business development, Brazil

Guilherme specializes in clean technology, strategic planning and environmental project implementation. He is experienced in strategic management of innovations and market-entry of emission-reduction technology projects, water management technology, organic waste management and treatment, cosmetics and organic phototherapy. Responsible for stakeholder engagement between numerous institutions including start-ups, private sector, governments, research centres and civil society, focusing on sustainable development and disruptive technologies.

He holds an BS in Economics from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil and a Postgraduate degree in Sustainability Management and Corporate Responsibility from UNICAMP. He is Specialist in Management and Execution of Innovation Projects, University of São Paulo and Corporate Management and Strategy at the Economics Institute, UNICAMP.

Orlando Quintero Montoya, Head of business development, Colombia

Orlando is a chemical Engineer and Master in Environmental economics and natural resources, with over 17 years of professional experience in the design and management of environmental projects. He has experience working with both the public and private sectors on projects related to Eco-efficiency, Waste Management, Climate Change, Economic Valuation of Externalities and Cost – Benefit Analysis. Orlando is responsible of identifying and developing project opportunities in Colombia, building capacity, networks and relationship with local stakeholders.

IGES Benelux

Erzsebet Buizert erzsebet@impactglobalemissionsolutions.com

Scientific partner of an honoured environmental inventor, one of the projects currently actively under implementation is fuel enhancement and emission reductions, targeted specifically for Internal Combustion engines, with a focus on large maritime engines and Compliance with advanced IMO / UNFCCC Marine commitments. Her activities involve conducting and supporting scientific investigations and experiments and planning, setting up and undertaking testing on engines up to 25000 KW heavy fuel engines on international maritime transport vessels.
Her objective is to leverage existing and new technologies to significantly reduce global transport and marine industry emission levels.

IGES Project Consultants

Carolyn Luce

Carolyn has over 20 years’ experience in climate change and sustainability, with specialized expertise in the municipal and commercial sectors, transportation, agriculture, renewables, cook-stoves, waste management and landfill gas. She has more than 15 years’ experience working with the Kyoto Mechanisms, in particular in CDM methodologies and CDM project development and assessment. She is a professional engineer with Master’s Degree that focused on Energy Use in Developing Countries.

Jurg Grutter

Grutter Consulting is the world leader in Clean Development Transport based projects and consultancy, and has worked on some eighty percent of projects and associated methodology in the transport sector under the UNFCCC as approved so far. Author of all approved large scale CDM transport methodologies and majority of all approved transport projects in the CDM voluntary markets.

Dr Prashant Kumar

Lecturer, University of Surrey. Started as a lecturer after obtaining a PhD (Engineering) from the University of Cambridge (UK) and a masters degree in Environmental Engineering and Management from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India). His current research focuses on evaluating and mitigating the environmental impacts of road transport on urban air quality. http://www.surrey.ac.uk/cce/people/prashant_kumar/

Dr William Holderbaum

Dr Holderbaum’s research on the theory of control systems and modelling with applications is mainly focussed on the following topics: Boolean input systems (i.e. power converter), Geometric Control (non-holonomic control systems), Rehabilitation Engineering (Robust Control Design for unsupported Paraplegic Standing), Energy reduction (Smart Grid, Multiple Agent Systems, Fuel Cells, Power Generation and Wireless Power Transfer), Autonomous Vehicle (Motion planning, visualisation control):http://www.reading.ac.uk/sse/about/staff/w-holderbaum.aspx